PLCS 34/35 (2021)

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The Open Veins of the Postcolonial: Afrodescendants and Racisms
Guest Editors - Inocência Mata (University of Lisbon) & Iolanda Évora (University of Lisbon)

Making an obvious reference to Eduardo Galeano's Open Veins of Latin America, this volume proves that the veins of the postcolonial remain open, having prolonged and reproduced themselves over the course of decades. "The Open Veins of the Postcolonial" traces the emergence of epistemological categories and offers thematic analyses of racial and ethnic differences, as well as those arising from sociability, representations, and sociopolitical and cultural dynamics. This volume likewise unmasks the naturalizing discourse of the ideology of subalternity and institutionalized discrimination through various "beliefs" and tacit practices; discusses how to articulate the place of belonging with ethno-racial identity in the twenty-first century; and contributes to the broad discussion initiated by the United Nations' declaration of the International Decade for People of African Descent, 2015-2024 (Resolution 68/237).

Published: 2022-07-27

As veias abertas do pós-colonial: a contemporaneidade

The Open Veins of the Postcolonial: Afrodescendants and Racisms